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Now It's Your Turn!

Over 250 videos were submitted and the Top 40 have been selected.

Now we need your help to determine the Top 15 semifinalists by voting for your five favorite videos.

Those with the highest votes will be one step closer to the $25,000 grand prize and being named 1 in a Million 2016.

The 15 semifinalists will be announced on October 3, 2016.

Voting Notice!

It has come to our attention that some contestants are working against the spirit and rules and regulations of this competition to increase their vote count.

We want to remind all contestants that only those who follow the rules and regulations of this competition will move to the next round.

In addition, we want to let all contestants know that there are safeguards to ensure the fairness of the voting and those who will move to the next round.

The number of votes each video has is no longer visible and we have randomized the sort order.


The purpose of the 1 in a Million Competition (1NAM) is and always has been educational. The contest is designed to help individuals be able to develop concise, quality, presentations that enable these individuals to more effectively describe their businesses to others.  

*Like= the orange rectangular VOTE button located below each video submission.

In the administration of 1NAM, the Foundation has always viewed a vote located below each submission (referred to in the rules as a “Like”) as an individual person logging on and expressing their views on an individual participant’s presentation.

The functionality of the competition’s website was designed to enable individuals to express this opinion. The Foundation’s expectation is that a “Like” is vote by an individual and not by an algorithm or automated means. To the extent the Foundation is able to determine that a vote made on the site is the result of an automated program or designed algorithm and not the result of an individual person’s expression of an opinion, the Foundation will not consider the vote to be a “Like” for purposes of administering the competition.  

Votes that do not constitute “Likes” as determined by the Foundation will be disregarded in determining which entrants are eligible to move on to subsequent rounds of the competition.

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About 1 in a Million

1 in a Million brings 1 Million Cups presenters across the country together to compete for the coveted #1 trophy, a $25,000 prize, and bragging rights for the year.

This entirely virtual competition requires entrepreneurs to submit videos on their business in one, three and six minute segments. Public voting will take the Top 40 submissions to the Top 15 semifinalists and to the Top 5 finalists.

As each round progresses, entrepreneurs will get continuous education and feedback including coaching with Demo Coach Nathan Gold. In addition, a distinguished judging panel comprised of Kauffman Fellows will provide feedback and determine who will be this year’s 1 in a Million winner.